Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scary, scary

Earlier today in a fit of "let's clean house" in here I hit the  google browse button and deleted all my browsing history.  All of it. 20K citations.  What I didnt realize was that meant all of my passwords to anything and everything.

I got in a spitting contest with Blogger wherein I would enter my password and they would say, oh, I don't THINK so...and then ask me to create a new password, send me a verification letter and then tell me my passwords didn't match.

(cue sobbing in background).  After a half hour of this I started checking other sites and sure enough not a single password was working.  Some were easy, some I am still trying to figure out.  Went into Blogger Help, finally, and got an old password to work, and presented the problem there.  I don't know if it was a glitch on both our parts or not, but suddenly the password (lol whatever it is) is working and Im in.  By tomorrow, who knows.

It shouldnt matter that much, but it does. After this many years,  it becomes a part of who I am. As your blogs are a part of you.

Pardon me, I think I shall go have a lie down and then try to get the damn cat in.


  1. I guess a lesson can be learned here, "never mess with the Google God."

    1. Oh yes. You know you've sinned and you know you'll pay. And of course Chrome sits at Google's right hand and snickers.

      I don't know what happened, I don't know if Blogger actually stepped in and tweaked stuff, but it's working.

      The only downside to all of this, I have no idea what password I'm using and of course they ain't gonna tell me. I hesitate, understandably, in setting a new one, because I may end up in a whole new kettle of despair.

  2. There's a degree of sadism in the people who create these systems. The power of NO is big. Wonder if they had mom problems as kids. They're certainly stuck in defiance mode!

  3. I hadnt thought of that, but you're right. All in the name of "customer privacy/security/ whatever, and it does shackle you to the system.

    Part of this is my own fault, since I have about six Yahoo IDs, and over time have used them willy-nilly for different places around the net, to the point where even the list I have is nearly meaningless.

    They also send you an inquiry letter after you have once more returned to the game/program/site you locked yourself out of, to ensure that you really are you.

    Identity theft is a huge problem everywhere, I understand that. But still...

    The most irritating thing is the so-called Blogger help forums, staffed by civilians who roam the halls like hall monitors, offering advice and solace. One of them must stay up nights, finding people to 'help' and getting points as a Civilian Helper Person. My problem, I said, was that I had lost my password and couldnt get in. His response the next day was, "well, it looks like you remembered your password, eh? that happens a LOT..." And for that he was given some kind of credit for 'helping' me. oh, please. Ambulance chasers.