Saturday, May 6, 2017

Scams 'R' US

Over the past five years I have received phone calls from both the state fire fighters and state police departments (apparently) requesting donations to 'help".  When I hesitate, they get pushy. One guy actually hung up on me. aha, I thought.

The calls often begin with a folksy warm voice, thanking me for all my help in the past (excuse me), and wanting to know what I might be willing to donate this year.  Sometimes they just drop the phone and leave me listening to dead air when I say no.

This afternoon I got one from the  Policemen's Benevolent Association wanting to know how much I was planning on donating to their fund to help out the families of officers killed in the line of duty.


Been thinking about that, so I did a search online. There has not been but one officer killed in the line of duty in this state in over five years.

 Then I went into this site:
sure enough, the first thing listed was "officers killed in the line of duty" and aggressive behavior on the part of the caller.

If you're not comfortable turning someone down like that,  tell them you give locally, you're on a fixed income, and if they give you crap, THEN you hang up before they do.


  1. I just don't answer the phone from any numbers I am not familiar with. However, some have left messages which I never call back. My phone must ring fifteen times a day with these scammers.

    1. This one said "Private number" which many of my friends have, too. Nothing listed. And I dont have an answering machine, so it's me doing the answering. It's not a biggie, but I am amused at how quickly they turn nasty when you say no...

  2. I told them I was on a fixed income, He said thats ok, we have a reduced program for them too.
    I thought the days of door to door salesmen was over, but two guys showed up trying to sell me on solar panels, I said no and they returned in a few days to see if I had changed my mind.

    1. Oh, they still exist, as do the famous "your roof needs repairing" song or "we can give you a nice new hottop driveway..."

      Solar Panels is a new one, obviously. We're lucky, no one can see us from the main road, so we miss any door-to-doors. Even the Jehovah's Witnesses gave up on us, lol.

      Gotta love that reduced program for the poor and/or elderly. I can only imagine what THAT must be like...