Saturday, May 27, 2017

Last year, closets; this year, books (6WS)

Cleaning out, one bit at a time.
All the books I've read but will never read again
all those books I got three pages into  and put back on the shelf;
books on gardening, national parks, philosophy
and gruesome murders--as with the 48 year old
wedding stuff, if I didnt like it on the first read, time has not improved
the flavor.  I would love to do away with the Autocad 2000
manuals, the Win ME and Win 98 books, but that's not my
province, and Im sure he'd notice.
As a bonus (in a way) Im finding books I don't recall reading
and want to see if I like it enough to keep.  Im accumulating
enough books on the 'to be read' shelf to take me through
an entire year.
I'll let the Salvation Army decide what to do about Longfellow's
Collected works....



  1.'s possible to be rid of books?

    1. well, let's just say that when you realize many of the books you have you never did read and never intend to, and when many of the books you did read once will never, for varying reasons, ever be read again, it's time to start weeding out to make room for the ones you DO want.

      I'll never be rid of books,I simply cannot imagine a bookless house, but it's nice to be able to find what you want without having to wade through what you don't want.

      It's nice to think of them going to a good home where someone will read them and cherish them. Sorta like puppies.

      If it makes you feel better, I have an entire bookcase which is just poetry. Those stay. (okay?)

  2. The memory's not what it was, Judy, so I can sometimes reread books without realising I'm doing it. (but there's usually that little niggle in the back of your mind)

    1. Oh, I agree, Jo; the howlers and the really good keepers I remember, it's that grey area, books that I may or may not have read, but want to find out. A lot of them are things I've picked up at book sales and library sales, and never got to.

      what REALLY annoys me is getting part way through a book and thinking, (there's that little niggle) 'waittt a minnit..." and sure enough I've read it before, even though I can't remember the ending. Yet.

      And of course the books I really like I will read more than once, usually after a sufficient amount of time has passed.

      There has always been a sense that if someone took the time to write the book then you need to respect that and Finish the Book. No, you don't. Really. Once I realized that, life got easier.

  3. When I do this sort of winnowing I find I seem to have two or three copies of faves. Forgot I owned them, pounced on them again...but I've unloaded many hundreds of books and never missed them.

    Of course the fact that I make Artist's books doesn't help, since you either give them as gifts or never part with them.

    I just gave away a bunch of decorative glass items and will now use the space on the shelves for....books..

    1. When you have books from a long series, you don't always remember which three you need, and when I find some at a used book store, just to be on the safe side, I buy them.

      The hard part is getting my husband to part with his beloved computer manuals, we have the full versions that stretch all the way back to DOS, Win ME, XP, and everything in between. They are basically doorstops at this stage.
      I'm putting them in the front room in hopes that over winter the mice will find them.

  4. Famous last words in those last lines and a quotable quote, for sure. Lately I've been coming across good movies that I've seen but have forgotten and I watch them again, almost like the first time.

    1. Well, there's no harm in rewatching/rereading what you enjoyed the first time, and there is sometimes more fun the second or third time around, since you often miss the subtleties until you're familiar with the story. I have books and series I've reread countless times, and each time I find something new.

      Right now Im inching toward Lord of the Rings again. It's nearly time.

  5. One time I was talking to a dear young friend, now sadly gone, about how I felt guilt over watching or reading faves over and over. To which he said, yes, I did, the first seventeen times!!

    1. Long ago a neighbor of mine asked me why I reread books I had already been through; "after all", she said, "you know how it's gonna turn out, right?"

      I said, "sometimes. But sometimes I just read familiar books because the trip was so much fun." I said, "Think of it this way; you like steak, are you only going to eat it once and never again? You like to go for rides with your husband, sometimes you go to the lake. Do you say, 'no, I don't want to go there, I know what it's like...'"
      I think she understood what I was saying, but couldn't really relate that to reading. To be fair, she wasn't heavily into reading, anyway. Not everyone is.

      And the books I do reread are often some I've not read for maybe twenty years. By that time the memory is of the reading, not really the content. So it's a treat all over again.

  6. It's good to have a clearout.

    Here's a tip: buy a Kindle - you can have a thousand books on there you'll never read and they won't take up any space at all. Works for me :)

    1. Nahh. Just can't get into Kindle, I like to curl up with a good fat book, it's hard to get comfy with a machine. (I know, I know...)