Monday, April 17, 2017

There's a pattern here

Last week I went to the dentist to have three teeth filled. Took about an hour.  No pain, no discomfort, lots and lots of painkiller.  This afternoon I got a call from the dentist's office, a woman with a teeny kindergarten voice, wanting to know if I was okay.
er, yeah...
well, she said, we wanted to make sure you weren't in any discomfort or pain after your procedure. Are you sure you're all right?

yes ma'am I am.

"Oh GOOD.  Have a wonderful day. 'bye."
Last week we got a brochure for a new Senior Living development, the kind of fancy place where you choose the colors,  the placement of applicances, and even the appliances themselves.  I had a friend who lived in a place like that, and I will admit they are truly lovely.  They even give you choices for counter heights.  bathroom fixtures, and (if you ask nicely) crown molding.   The prices for all of this are astonishing.  And scary.

a few months ago we were contacted by a local cleaning agency wanting to know if we would be interested in having someone come in once a week or so and clean house for us. It didn't dawn on me why, until just now.

And more often than not, now when I buy groceries they ask me if I want help putting the stuff in the car...

We are being treated as if we were Elderly.  White haired, fragile, cane-wielding, elderly.  I'm amazed Meals on Wheels hasn't gotten to us.  maybe next week.


  1. I am getting a lot of funeral home adverts on my Facebook page. Does FB know something I don't?

    1. Does make you wonder, doesn't it.

      We get a LOT of elder housing adverts, and places that advertise for what is basically day care for old folks "we just LOVE our seniors", they burble. Most of them are run by women in their 30s with a degree in hotel management.

      Gives a whole new understanding of the phrase "cranky old lady".

  2. I used to get a lot of gravestone ads, but in recent years they've given up on me. I think they were expecting a faster roi!

    One thing I live about the IRS, yes, sounds like an oxymoron, is that they are still giving me 20 years' life expectancy in their tables. Unless I come off my skateboard at high speed or something.

    1. well, be sure to wear your kneepads, at least.

      We haven't hit the gravestone and mortuary stuff yet, but I'd not be surprised to find it showing up soon....

      What's funny, Im getting Miss DingDong School calls from the dentist, my husband, at 73 with a full beard and pony tail (both white) is still being carded when he buys fake beer.
      It's a very strange world we live in.

  3. Carded, eh? This white-haired, pony-tailed elder doesn't get THAT treatment, but all the rest of it (including the gravestone ads) have become commonplace.

    Interestingly, I just posted this at Scrambled, Not Fried:

    1. Carded. And it isn't even beer, it's O'Doul's. Management is taking no chances that some young sprat will dress himself up in a beard and wrinkles and limp a bit, and try to pass himself off as old just so he can buy fake beer.

      Not sure what the penalty in this state is for underage O'Doul's usage, I'd imagine it's pretty steep.

      I saw your poem. It's hell when the past catches up to the present, isn't it. Sometimes it just whizzes right by and waits for us at the corner, smirking.