Saturday, April 29, 2017

Phrases/encouragement I could live without 6WS

1. "oh, of course you  do" when you have just said you don't: "no thank you, I dont care for broccoli,/ asparagus,/ deviled eggs,/ or shoestring potatoes" or whatever you are passing up for whatever reasons you may have.
Usually accompanied by a generous helping being dumped on your plate to emphasize what a fussy eater you are.

2. "you dont need to diet, LOOK at you you're skinny as a rail"  when someone has just said, "I'm on a maintenance diet, lost 137 lbs and I want to keep  it off",  and almost invariably spoken by someone who yes, does need to lose weight  and weight loss, by anyone else, she feels, make her look like Man Mountain Dean.

3. "you really need to exercise a bit more, come ON, slowpoke, lets get some muscle going" when you have just said, "The doctor warned me about too much running, skiing, leap frogging, etc." "it might pull my stitches out" accompanied by a sharp tug on the arm and a forced gallop that you can only break by falling down and forcing them to let go of you.

4. "dont be silly, you'll look just fine in the photo,  just SMILE" when you have just said, I do NOT want my photo taken, tyvm..."  and their disappointment, accompanied  by "well, you probably should have combed your hair a bit"

5. The man who sits behind you at a red light and toots at you to 'go ahead, go ahead' as if you were
able to leap six cars and soar to the front of the line

6. The old gentleman who gives you that automatic 'beepbeep' the instant the light turns green, and if  he is behind you through more than three lights you can understand how road rage got its name...



  1. Oh I hate those traffic light honkasses. I mean, um, y'think I don't KNOW what's sposta be happenin' next? Good thing I don't carry guns in the car...

    1. yep. I especially liked the dude who, in a middle lane of traffic, with six red lights to go, decided it was my fault and chased me all the way to the mall. I've never been so terrified in my life, lol.
      I was okay with it, until he had a chance to pass me (clear lane over THERE, sir) and preferred to chase me instead...

      The really telling one was the day I was a bit slow off the green light and the guy behind me tooted politely but firmly. What neither of us realized, on my left was a big old box truck that blocked our line of sight, and someone running the red light at the intersection. He crossed my path just at the point where I would have been if I'd been a bit faster on the light.

  2. These peeves are all in the class of: just take my word for it, dangit!

  3. And then there's the person who joins you waiting for an elevator and pushes the button. As if you didn't know to do that..

    1. oh yeah, I forgot that one. And then pushes it nine times more, as if that will make it show up faster. The implication is, of course, that you are just standing there waiting for the elevator to arrive all by itself and you need a big strong button pusher to show you how its done.

      My favorite is the guy who then hits his floor button inside and before you have a chance the doors close and you are stuck going twelve floors beyond where you intended because he's guarding the floor buttons like they were gold.