Monday, March 13, 2017

If you got 'em

get the cows in and hook the chicken coop door.

Even though they insist on calling this an 'old fashioned
nor'easter" (makes it sounds like something out of granny's
attic), I think classic would be more appropriate.  It is, I admit,
kinda fun to watch as this thing plays out. And NOAA
does have some fun weather maps.


  1. Yes, the weather maps look crazy. There is a prediction of 16" for one area and just 45 miles away, it is just rain. I wish I was in the latter, but I am not.

  2. we need all of it. Im seeing (at this point) 19-26" for us, in central NH. By morning it could be more, or less. or both.

    It is a snow month, after all. Sigh. The grass was just greening up under the pear tree...

  3. Stay safe! And warm. And dry. Indoors, if you can. You can always kill a chicken to tide you over to spring.


    1. it's a pretty snow, so far. Started at about 7 AM and has segued into serious Northeaster mode.

      Oh, I couldnt kill a chicken, Tilly. If I had any, they would all be named and have little colored bows. Maybe booties.

      And if I did have any they would all be in here by now, lined up in the windows to watch the snow, murmuring the way they do...

      This was voting day here in NH, for local people--they actually canceled the voting for two weeks (probably just in time for the next blizzard), thought I'm not sure why. Almost all of the people running are incumbents and unchallenged, which says either we think they're doing fine, or no one really cares.

      The weather men are saying after this one there's another headed this way for the weekend. oh GOOD.