Thursday, December 15, 2016

two fers (Thursday13)

They Call the Wind Maria von Trapp

Only Fools Fall in Love Under the Boardwalk  (ty to Ron)

Silent Night of the Iguana

Stand By Me and Bobby McGee

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry Me a River

Swing Low Sweet Chariot(s) of Fire

Mister Roberts Rules of Order

A Thousand Kisses Deep In The Heart Of Texas

Tallahachie Bridge Over Troubled Water

Candle in the Wind Beneath My Wings

Stand By Your Man of La Mancha

Alice in Wonderland By Night

Subterranean Homesick Blues In The Night



  1. Very cool list, Judy In The Sky With Glasses!

  2. Thanks. It was fun to do, but took awhile to match up a to b; I think it would work with just book titles, too. (aha, she said. aha)

  3. I love these but they mess with my head! In a good way.

  4. Lol, yeah. Mine too. They do hang together fairly well, much the way those strange drawings of old lady/young woman do.

    Although I must admit Candle In the Wind Beneath My Wings makes me wince a bit...

  5. Candle in the wind beneath my wings could be a tragedy.

  6. I do so hate the smell of burnt feathers, don't you? Especially when they're attached to me.

  7. Silent Night of the Iguana - I will never be able to sing that carol again.

  8. Oh, sure you will. Eventually. (wicked grin)