Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thirteen advantages of aging T 13

1. You don't HAVE to remember stuff, no one expects you to, and you get points for what you do remember, even if it's only who sang "Stayin' Alive" or  your best friend's married name.

2. Personal dress code. There is none, unless you want there to be.

3.  Your choices on foods are only limited by what your innards can tolerate, not what your hostess thinks you should be eating.

4. Your diet, your way.

5.  You can get away with almost any snarky outrageous comment as long as you twinkle and laugh a bit, or as a parting line as  you head out the door

6.  One of my favorite lines when expressing an opinion, "in twenty years Im not going to be around anyway, and even if I am, I won't much care..."

7. You are not expected to run anywhere, for any reason.  If it's that important, someone will carry/drag you.

8.  Your hair is not as important to the world as it once was.  Wear it the way--and color--you like

9.  You can, if you are the right age and temperament,  remember every word to almost every song from the 50s, and  60s and probably 70s.  And "name that tune" within three notes.

10. Your makeup, your way.  Or none at all.

11. Socks are the new slippers

12. Senior discounts. Oh, yeah.

13. Shoes don't have to match anything any longer, except maybe each other.

Thursday 13


  1. if you screen-printed #7 on a t-shirt, i would buy one for every day of the week. i am just entering middle-age, but that is the brand of reasoning that has governed most of my life. i prefer to focus on acquiring skills that will inspire the people around me to make sure i stay alive in a real emergency.

  2. I have always resisted running for any reason and would probably be the last one out of the mine just before it collapsed. (notice the emphasis on probably)

    a lot of it involves, you may notice, letting go of the kind of vanity inspired by "other people". Personal comfort begins to loom large at some point.

    Naps. Damn, I forgot naps. It isnt that you sleep more, you just sleep in different increments so a nap is just the addendum to that long nap you had last night.

    I like that attitude, btw. Cooking, baking, and gardening loom large if someone wants to eat. Or be fed.

  3. I don't run anyway unless I absolutely have to (like being late for a bus). As for naps (mentioned in comments), I could really use one about now. Maybe when I get home... Thanks for visiting!

  4. OMG you nailed it, and in just 13!

    Happy Happy weekend.

  5. Well I did miss the naps. But thanks, and thank you for Following. always appreciated.

  6. The reason being for all those things you mention is that as we age, nobody notices us. Invisibility has its pluses.

  7. True, up to a point. But as we age, I think we become less self-oriented, and realize that the grey hair and the wrinkly bits really don't matter. And the things we feared or fretted over at 20 or 30 (omg I have bedhair) we have either learned how to fix, or learned how to ignore it.
    I've been known to appear in the grocery store with two different shoes on. My inner excuse if someone noticed? "Bunion". At least they were tied.

    Not being noticed hath its perks, but not minding is the other side of that.

  8. It's OK with me that I'm "only" in my mid-sixties but the young-uns cater to me like I'm The Thousand-Year-Old Man.

  9. Well you're a young fella from this perspective, but from the other side of the fence you are adorable but weathered. That means they give you automatic senior discounts, let you go first, offer seats (canes are not a bad thing, at this stage) and no one tries to pick you off at the crosswalk.

    I've noticed, however, they now put 'our' cleaning necessities on the bottom shelf, meaning we can't reach them anyway unless we're willing to scrooch. Im afraid my scrooch days are long gone, sigh.

  10. Glad I stopped by this link from Colleen's blog and as I turn into my 7th decade this next month I will keep all of these in mind. I do swear (in my brain) more.

  11. I notice the mental strictures we clung to so fiercely don't matter as much. Old ladies tend to speak their mind, and everyone says, 'isn't that CUTE". As long as you smile while you say it, no one realizes (except another old lady) that you meant every word of that "horse's ass" comment.
    Enjoy your 70s, you only go that way once, you might as well have some fun with it.