Thursday, November 3, 2016

The time has come: don't forget to turn your clocks back Saturday night (Thursday13)



  1. and an extra hour in the morning so the cats can go out earlier. yay. (if I can't see the trees it's too dark)

  2. Now it will be darker in the evening. I personally wish they'd just move everything back 1/2 hour and then leave it alone.

  3. True enough on both counts. I notice the morning more, now, since Im usually awake and up before dawn. So, sadly, are the cats, and the house rule here is if its dark, you don't go out. We have too many predators around.

    But, yeah, shave a half hour off and be done with it. what is really dopey, in places like So.California and Florida the light differences are so minimal, winter or summer, it amounts to nuisance value for them.