Friday, November 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen

His recordings traveled with me everytime I left home, until the CD in the car broke down for good.
The older he got, the darker and richer he got, with a voice like melting chocolate.

Waiting for the Miracle


  1. He was the sort of performer I had to grow into, it took a long time before I really loved what he wrote, and maybe it's age talking, but he got more interesting as I got older.

    This has got to stop. we've lost too many amazing people this year. Enough, already.

  2. He was a legend. Loved his Hallelujah but the one I remember the most is Suzanne.

  3. he wrote so much directly from his own life, and made it into poetry. My favorite was always the Famous Blue Raincoat. Just something about that that stays with me...