Monday, October 3, 2016

The winds blow heavy on the borderline

mebbe, mebbe not.  We do need the rain.  Not sure if it's worth losing our driveway, however.

(This is, btw, a really neat map.  It updates steadily, and gives you the entire country at a quick glance. )


  1. This hurricane looks like the real thing and could affect a lot of people on the east coast. I am starting to get anxious.

  2. yep. been quite some time since we had any serious kind of storm like this, Im curious as to where it decides to go. This late in the year, though, the Atlantic has gotten much colder and that may slow it down a bit.

    Ive put my order in for a nice steady two days of rain with a side of wind to make it interesting. We have a steep gravel driveway that has held together nicely for three or four years, and it's usually something like this that takes it out entirely. (Trying not to shudder)

    that is, btw, a terrific photo on your blog.

    Are you anywhere near the coast here?

  3. I'm nowhere near either coast, but I have an aunt and uncle in San Diego and a very good friend in Midway, GA. Currently worrying about the friend in GA.

    I have experienced a hurricane though. Back in the sixties when my family was visiting my grandparents near Miami. It's something I've never forgotten.

  4. Hi, Pearl. I can sympathize with your concerns, and they are memorable. But hurricanes at least are predictable. I've been on the edges of two tornadoes in Iowa City some years back, and frankly I'd rather deal with a hurricane. Scary as they are, at least you know which way to run.

    Most of the trackers right now are tracking a path ive never seen before, where it reverses itself and swoops BACK over Florida for another go at it. I hope people paid attention this time and left, truly.

    I'm old enough to remember the biggies from the mid-50s and most of the others from there on up to now. We're lucky, we live up above any flooding--but we can still get wind damage if it happens, and while the road wouldn't flood, but it surely could wash away.

    click on that map URL, it's 'live' and will show you exactly what's going on and where. It's a great site, you can find out all KINDS of weather info. I've been watching the updates on it, and everytime I look something new has been added, like filling in spaces in a coloring book.

    And thank you for following. =)

  5. Whoa boy, that looks scary. Reversing itself and going back? That's really strange. I hope y'all are going to be ok. I am, geographically, nowhere near that area. I did, however, go through what was called "Black Friday" which was where a deadly tornado ripped through our city, killing thousands of people. Even people we knew. It was as black as night at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. Scary stuff. I was like 13 at the time and I thought the world was ending! But, yeah, these events are things that you never do forget.

  6. ive only seen two tornadoes and that will hold me forever. Really. I have also, driving through the midwest, seen them from miles away, touching down, and that dreadful green sky all around them. brrr.

    We live in NH forty miles inland, on top of a small mountain. I tell people, if we flood, the rest of the world is in trouble. =)

  7. And here I am complaining about a little snow we got 2 days ago. Really nothing to worry about....

  8. well, I did notice that the upper midwest was getting cold weather while we basked in the glory of maybe-rain maybe-wind here.

    Our snow will be coming soon enough, marlies.

    Did you get lots, or just enough to practice on...?

  9. It IS a neat map! I love weather maps. I love weather documentaries. I've been like this ever since I read Wyatt's Hurricane by Desmond Bagley and was shocked to learn that planes fly through hurricanes to gather information.

    Hope you've still got a driveway :)

  10. The silly thing missed us by about four states and several hundred miles. It went out to sea and died of the cold. Not unlike our trying to swim in the North Atlantic in any month but maybe July...

    The driveway survived (to hell with the house, let's save the road), but hey, there's always next time. it's overdue to wash out again anyway. Maybe in the spring. yep.

    Now and then I watch the tornado hunters' videos and those will scare the bejabbers out of you every time. And yeah, Im as bad. I love looking at the maps and the videos, but I refuse to rush down to the coast to watch the water wash over me...

    I keep this one on my desktop, and click on it every day to see if it's raining out. =)
    The colors are great fun, too.

    On the right I have a list of cool stuff, and the NOAA weather map is what this is called. There is also a Flight Radar map near the top that can be set to view anywhere in the world.