Monday, October 31, 2016

Shampoo--it's not just for breakfast anymore

Shampoo. Plain old ordinary shampoo.  Turns out it's one of the best cleaners of almost anything I've found. Put a bit (about dime sized) on a squeezed-out wet facecloth and wipe down your refrigerator.  Not hard, just go over the surface the way you normally would.  take another  damp cloth and wipe off the shampoo, which, by the way, goes on like melted butter. No foam, just cleaning stuff.
Then take a fair sized paper towel hunk and wipe it dry.  when it finally dries completely it will be shineeeeyyyy

Soap scum in the shower stall, the high tide line on the bathtub.  porcelain or fiberglass sinks.  It does an elegant job on silver and brass, not so good on pewter. Windows, possibly but only if you can hose 'em down after, like patio glass doors.

Only takes a very little, and  you can use up all the junk shampoo in the house--you know, the kind someone gave you but you cant stand it, or the apple-banana stuff your daughter left behind...stainless steel, aluminum, pots, pans, countertops. however it will remove latex paint, so don't get carried away with the woodwork, lol.
Does a fair job on painted wood floors, and kitchen chair rungs...

And the best part is that your house does not smell like a Louisiana Pine Forest. The shampoo smell is a definite improvement, and you dont need to wear gloves or a face mask.

  it also is a whiz for getting burnt on food off the stove. I would love to know if it works on ovens. if so, thats a step forward, right there.

And now I'm thinking, we  use this stuff on our scalp??


  1. Yes, I pretty much don't use it on my hair. But it is great for getting hideous little stains off the rugs donated by cats! Any oily stain anywhere, practically. It's a strong detergent. I thought I was the only user this way. Yet another link between us!!

  2. I wondered about rugs, I was thinking of trying that next. I have a piece of carpeting in the kitchen that regular carpet cleaner no longer works on...what is nice, you don't need much to get really nice results. and it's amazing for soap scum on a shower wall.

    I suspect the shiny on our hair comes from whatever is in it that makes the freezer door shine. Scary thought, there.

    Oh I wonder how it would work on my car hood. It sits under the trees all summer and gets the meanest sticky stuff from them.

  3. People say that about Pepsi~it can be a good cleaner and we drink it?

  4. yep and you can clean the rust off a car bumper with Coke.

    I just tried cleaning a section of my kitchen rug, damn doesnt shampoo work nice on that. Does remove some of the blue flower colors, but it got out the coffee stains nicely too...

  5. Huh. Well this I shall try. I have a lot of junk shampoo. This will work nicely, I think, on my study desk. Hidden strategically under books and coasters are a plethora of coffee stains, wax stains, a weird red mark that I have yet to identify, and in areas a thin film of dust (I think). Yes, I shall try shampoo on the mystery-stain table.

  6. see what it does to your bathroom sink, the counter as well as the bowl. But don't use a lot, it spreads fiercely. I'd say no more than a collar button sized dot on a wet cloth. And make sure to dryit with a towel, that buffs it nicely.

    you would not believe what this does to a car , lol. I have a 16 year old honda, and by now the paint has gotten dingy and dull. I washed the hood, and buffed it dry. Damn, it looks brand new and shineeeeeyyy

  7. oh, and i'd try a corner of the desk first. If you have a finish on the wood, best sample an edge first.