Friday, October 21, 2016

forgive the sinner not the sin

One cannot help the way one is,
especially if you don't know any other way.
If  you manage to commit great distress
on someone else, the fault is in the sin
if the sinner hasn't a clue. You are the way you are.
An explanation, but not an excuse.
Nor does it excuse the willful desire
to maintain that calm pool at all costs,
never learning that 'at all costs"
really negates the idea of the calm pool.
What's left is rubble and broken wire
and you staring at it, wondering,
even before you put down the hammer,
how it came undone in your hands.


  1. Lovely poem. Most expressive.

  2. thanks, perse. Not really a poem, but the end sort of turns into one, so I thought I'd stick with the form. In fact the last four lines, with the right title... =)