Tuesday, September 13, 2016

One of the perks

Dubious though it might be,  one of the perks of being a Google/Chrome person, is that on your birthday when you open up Google on That Day, there is Google spelled out (very loosely, I might add) with birthday cakes and muffins, and I thought, oh, damn...
and sure enough, under it, it said Happy Birthday...

And of course the mister got me a nice card, the kind you have to hunt for, the kind he is willing to dig to find--not mushy, not goofy, but exactly right.  =)


  1. Well, hippo birdies two ewes! And many many more!

  2. T'eng gyu, t'eng gyu. Don't know how many more that might be, but it's gonna be interesting to find out =)