Monday, August 15, 2016

Yahoo Messenger

I was warned, yep.  Everyone said it was dreadful,  but at some point I figgered, hey, they're gonna force me into it, I might as well get it over with now.
I read all the complaints.  There was not a word of praise for it.

I finally took a deep breath and pulled the lever, and now I have a brand new shiny Messenger.  Utterly, totally, worthless.
I only had three contacts over there, but about 30 new ones appeared, including people I had known years ago at Yahoo games. What. Is. This.  couldnt get rid of them.  No button for anything. No preferences, no choices.

"Delete your conversation history? " well,  yeah, it does stretch back about five  years, here.  Not only did it delete the conversation history but also the person who was involved at the other end of it.  yikes.  So now I have a hunk of junk that I don't dare delete in case it gets better.

I feel sorry for anyone who tries to run a business or a life from this thing.

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