Sunday, August 14, 2016

I let him live

I went into the paint store this afternoon to buy paint;
the youngish (maybe 30) male clerk said, do you want
to wait for your husband so he can check to see if
this is the right color


  1. Why did you let him live? or perhaps the Darwin principle will kick in and he'll be beaned by a falling gallon of paint..

  2. lol he's young. He'll learn

  3. I don't think he really had a clue as to what he said.
    I was classy, I said 'no no this is my paint" and we moved swiftly on.

  4. This sounds like the hardware store kid who insisted when I said I wanted a pale apricot shade, that apricot was dark green. After I got home I realized he meant avocado..but I did get the paint mix I wanted. He kept saying you won't like it if you wanted dark green.

  5. poor kid. I wonder if he's ever actually LOOKED at the color chart...
    to be fair, I still have trouble with taupe and mauve, I know one is kinda beige-y and one is kinda purply (probably)but thats as far as it gets until I look them up and then Im surprised all over again...

  6. People at the local hardware know us BOTH very well. If/when I show up to buy paint, they always ask (quite appropriately, I might add): "Have you already cleared this with Sandra?"