Thursday, July 28, 2016

Words of one syllable dept.

This is in the local paper, in the announcement sections, "happenings";

under Senior Programs:

"Power Hour+, Tuesday and Thursday, 9-10 am, and 10-11 am.  Fitness geared for the 50+..."

do you leave your kids at home, bring them with you?  Do you take time off from work for this?  


  1. I doubt if they expect many under 60 to show up, but just in case, they put out the welcome mat.

  2. Usually these things are hosted by 30-sonmethings, and their perception of 50 is very different from yours or mine. Some years back a local group (the kind with the perky spokesperson) suggested, in the newspaper, that they were starting up a Senior Center here in town and anyone "50 and up" was welcome. It was going to be a kind of Day Care center for the (swallowing bravely here) seniors, get them out into the community a bit. "we just LOVE our seniors" she burbled. So did I, for different reasons.

    I find it insulting to people of that age, and it sends a message to anyone younger than that that 50 is the beginning of old age, and you are no longer useful to society or anyone else. Subtle, but it's there.

    Yes, yes, I know, I tend to flap all over the place over stuff like this, and it usually costs me several wing feathers by the time Im done. It's just annoying.

  3. yeah yeah, and I was too. Oh what a long time ago that seems.

    Did you feel old then? I surely didnt. If anyone had told me then I could qualify for a senior exercise program...