Friday, July 29, 2016


the sweetest sound
is the scrape
of wndows being shut
against an early
morning storm


  1. I hear ya, JT, but the windows hafta stay closed so long around here, I'm not opposed to moppin up after the storm passes, just so I can keep the summer comin in.

  2. we've had so little rain this summer the leaves on the ancient maples and ash trees around the house are beginning to droop and look brown. This morning was the first day in weeks that we had any rain at all.
    We keep the windows shut all day and let the house stay cool until nightfall then open everything up again.
    I'd not mind a bit more rain, tyvm...

  3. Areas around us have gotten rain, but it has been a very dry summer for my town. We had a few 15 minute rain falls this week and they have been welcome indeed.

  4. it isnt only the dry summer, it's the snow from the winter before (of which we had very little), and the spring rains. Some, but not much. We've been in drought mode for two years now, and the weather people are just beginning to notice. NOW they are paying attention.
    The previous year we had tons of snow, but no fall rains, and no spring rains. The snow melted, the trees sucked it up, and then it rained maybe once, literally, all summer.
    And when I see my 100+ rock maple in the yard with dry droopy end leaves, I know how dry it must be. A plant sacrifices the ends of things to protect the core, the way a human suffering from frostbite will lose fingers and toes to conserve heat and protect the core. Sorry comfort for the sufferer, but the body really only is trying to survive.
    Same with plants. Leaves first, then branches.

    What we need is a good soaker, a slow steady rain that lasts for days and gives us all sinus headaches. =)