Monday, June 13, 2016

Some Days are Better Than Others

--at least so far

We have two cats. One, Charlie, is the stray we found on the wall two years ago.

The other one, Toby, is half of the bonded males we got about five years ago.  When Charlie arrived there was a certain amount of huffing and puffing and my husband for some reason decided that we should keep them separated.

Soooo. the cat screen doors went back on, and Toby lived upstairs while Charlie was lord of the downstairs.  They eventually began having friendly little pawfights under the door, and stropping back and forth across the screening.  It bothered me.  I knew they were making friends.  No, no, he said. what if Toby (who is uncatchable) gets hurt?  I understood his reluctance;  we have never been able to catch Toby or even pat him.  He accepts us, but we can't touch him. god only knows what his previous owners did to him and  his buddy Sammy...

Today I got him in a weakened moment (My husband, not the cat)  and  said, let's try.  So I swung open the screen door across the bedroom, and the one downstairs in the hall.   no one seemed too excited, lol.   After about a half hour Charlie opened his eyes, wandered into the bedroom to see what was in the food dishes.  I looked in,  and he was washing Toby's head.  awwwwww

I think its going to be okay.

Addendum:  we found them in the front bedroom, side by side, sitting in the window.  I can't stop grinning.  Toby is used to snuggling with another cat,  and   I think it put Charlie off a bit at first, but apparently  he's getting used to the attention.   Im more pleased for Toby's sake, he was so lost after the other cats died, and he's really been totally alone (as far as cat buddies go) for two years.


  1. My wonderful Daisy looks like your Charlie. We had to catsit my son's cat Caesar this weekend. The two of them are half siblings, same mother, different passing strangers as dads. We kept them apart fearing they might hurt each other especially since one is much larger than the other. Finally, we decided to try to introduce them and they played and played and played until Daisy had it, gave him a few licks and walked away.

  2. cats will surprise you every time, won't they. You think X is going to just LOVE the new family, and it turns out to be spitting and howling and outrage.
    I had to return a stray to the plant nursery where I found her, some years back, she was about five pounds of cranky Alpha female, and had the other cats (all four of them) huddled upstairs while she tried to run the entire house.
    Only cat Ive ever given up on.

    My poor husband is still amazed at the responses these two cats have for each other. Ive been campaigning for two years, and finally they proved me right. Their entire attitude is, "well YEAH..."

    Charlie has two color phases, a winter grey phase with long grey and white fur, and a summer brown phase with much shorter fur. its like looking at two different cats. The top photo is him in his winter greys. =)

  3. You really can't forecast what cats will do, despite all your planning.this turned out great though.

  4. You're right, it's always a crap shoot, although watching these two together with a screen door between them said, they want to be buddies. Charlie now goes into the Front Room to visit Toby, and then comes back.

    Charlie is also turning into the best bed cat Ive ever seen. He doesnt march up your chest to inspect your nostrils, he doesnt play with blanket mice, he just quietly climbs onto the bed and falls asleep. I have to pat the blanets to even know he's there.

    Toby actually made it all the way downstairs last night, and half way across the kitchen, before he realized where he was. Panic attack panic attack. I suspect he spent the next few minutes in Quiet Time, blowing into a paper bag to calm himself down. If he were people he'd be on Prozac, I swear.