Sunday, June 19, 2016

Poem for June

At The Other End of the Journey

she wonders at the lack of inspiration
worries that she isn't worried more
somewhere the words have withered in their sleep
she worries that she isnt worried more
sometimes at night she wakes and feels the music
that comes from finding lines that cut her deep
but knows she'll never finish this one either
rolls over, sighs, and settles back to sleep
in the morning she remembers waking to the call
ponders what the words were that she lost
and even though she understands the bargain
would prefer to have the music, regardless of the cost


  1. I'm hearing you, JT. We're shoulder to shoulder, I think. Pretty damned quiet, eh?

  2. we usually are, mr. L. and yeah, way too quiet.
    Not much we can do, though. Someone once said, 'you can't push a rope'. I know what he meant.

    You're doing better though; submit, publish, submit. Im glad to see that.

    But look at it this way--we each have a body of work to be proud of, don't we. I think that has to count for a lot.

  3. I was thinking this morning how dreams are gifts and that dreaming is one of my favorite parts of being alive but if we don't write them down they just evaporate, like poems. Thanks for writing and sharing this.

  4. I used to dream (in a remembering sense) pretty steadily, good and bad and sometimes bloody awful. Now even though I know I dream, only the truly memorable filter through and lord knows those are strange enough. I do write them down. One never knows, when it comes to dreams.

    And it does seem that the words that come in a dream evaporate like mist when you try to catch them--but these days, too, that's about all that comes through.
    I don't have the energy, mentally, to grapple with the words. I don't much like it either, but as I said to Ron earlier, we've both, he and I, had a good run. It may be over, it may be waiting for the next turn of the road, but this stuff comes as it chooses, I find.

    (deep sigh here)

    And thank you for commenting. Always appreciated.

  5. well ty. you also have exquisite taste. =)