Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Just one Thing:

Over the years, both on message boards and now on blogs, Ive noticed a strange phenomenon--if someone happens on a temporarily unused topic, or discovers that this post has passed its sell-by date, they will not comment, no matter how much they want to.  "Oh bother," she'll say,  and leave.
I asked someone once why you DO that and she said, well, no one is using it...

Do you know how little sense that actually makes?

What I'm heading for here, is this;  if you stroll back through some of my posts (and  not just mine, but anyone's out there) and find something to comment on, for the lord's sweet sake do so.  If the blog is obviously current, there's a good chance the author will see the comment, and maybe even respond.

Now and then I find older posts by people that are just riveting, and if I do comment, sometimes I'll get an answer back very quickly.  People like to know that their older stuff gets read, too.  We've become too  much of a rip and read culture,  and that's kind of a shame.

Bloggers love comments. Even if its on a five  year old topic,  it still counts.  And I guarantee you, comment, and you'll probably get a response from me.


  1. Yes to this. The constant movement on sites such as Twitter gets people into the assumption that after a few hours the moment's passed, move along. Blogs are so different though, more deliberative, read more closely. So yes always assume the writer is around and interested.

    Speaking of grammar which we weren't, but the grammar police never sleeps, recently the BBC wrote a simple guide to good grammar which gets the "moment's passed" usage wrong. They state, or claim, that the 's abbreviates it is. No mention of the it has usage I employed above! Ha!!

  2. I still sweat over possessives. There are so damned many possiblities for them--

    and yeah, I used to be on message boards in the late '90s and for sure, an idle topic was as good as gone if no one posted in it regularly.

    To me, avoiding comment because "no one's around" is very similar to what a friend of mine used to do in email--late at night she would send me a message. "Hi"

    Couple minutes later, "Oh bother, I guess you've gone to bed. I'll email you tomorrow". sigh. Reason she didn't leave a longer message? she didnt want to wake me.


  3. I notice that people often repost an older post. It could be that someone looked back and reminded the author that they enjoyed it and it might be worth reposting. With the commings and goings on Blogger, a new audience is always available.

    I do, sometimes, read older posts, but never comment on those from years ago You have made a good point that I will take note of now.

  4. Ive thought of that, but that seems pushing, in some way. (you know what us Yankees are like, don't like to put ourselves forward, nossah). I do have a few that I like to drag out now and then, as much for my own entertainment as anything, maybe music, or something cool like "Silhouettes" which is magical. I keep it on the sidebar, but not everyone sees that, either.

    And there is really no way to know if the unnoticed blog post from five years ago (the really amazing one that NO one looked at) is going to fly any differently now.

    I love looking at other people's older posts and now and then comment, sometimes finding a new blog to follow. =)

    another good way is the Next Blog feature, which as we noted earlier can be the bear that bites ya, but I did find that if you mix it up, visiting several different blogs in a row, it confuses Blogger and they don't try to pigeon hole your tastes as much.