Monday, May 16, 2016

well it is only May, what can you expect

I won't put the picture up. It's too cruel.

This morning it was 28 deg. when I went out on the porch to pick over some wood for a morning fire. Then I looked at the roof of the shed, and thought, hey, I don't have white shingles up there...

And on the tarps covering the wood behind the house

It's snowing right now, ever so lightly. I'm trying not to look.


  1. Up, as usual, around 4:30AM, waking through the living room & looking out the window I thought, :Oh how beautifully the moonlight is bathing the back hill..." The realization struck. Mid-May snow. Almost an inch deep. Oy.

  2. Yep. Sort of a snap to the nose, innit. All of our apple trees were in full blossom. I can almost see the bees out there in their boots and hoods, flying flower to flower, little teeth chattering...

    This is what we get for having an early spring last year, yessah.

  3. I was expecting a bear or dead chicken, but snow is pretty discouraging too!

  4. oh id rather see a bear than snow any time of the year, lol. at least you dont have to shovel bear...

  5. Thankfully, we did not get the snow, but we did get frost warnings. I covered all the plants up and filled up my garage with potted plants. The frost did not come so I spent the better part of the next morning putting everything back. This is the coldest spring that I can remember.

    I hope your snow melted by now.

  6. We had one like this two years ago (of course this is New England and we do live up high) I never took the winter blankets off the bed until mid June and we had morning fires for all of May and June as well.
    As long as it rains I dont mind. Snow makes me cranky, lol.

    People scoff at the idea that the full moon has anything to do with it, but if you look,you'll see that the week after a full moon is usually relatively colder, espeicially near the coast. We are a water driven planet, after all, and anyone who lives near the coast will feel the chilly effect of a high tide.