Thursday, May 5, 2016

Checking in--yay it's stil raining

Not much going on around here, unless you consider the rain

I was thinking the other day,  if you take into account the seven month drought last summer that stretched from March to September here, and the lack of fall rains after that, and the appalling lack of snow in this region (maybe three or four inches all winter), that pretty much turns into a year long drought.
It is now raining, slowly, gently, and has been for over a week. It looks like we may get showers for another week, daily.  I am so not complaining.

Just found this weather/drought site,  it's really fascinating.  You can find your state, zip code, region, whatever, and it's pretty current.


  1. Raining here as well and I just lit a fire in the woodstove ...and it's May! No warm up until Saturday.

  2. nope nor here either. It's been hovering around 40 deg. for a week, which Im not complaining about, since I have no desire to get out there and garden, anyway. As I said earlier, I do not garden in mittens. Lol.

    Or in rain gear.

  3. I feel ready to complain about having to break out a warm coat and gloves to go out walking. In May.

  4. go right ahead, Liz. We are still running all day fires--seems to me we did this last year and the year before, as well. I dont think we took off the winter blankets until mid June...frankly it feels as if the entire weather system has been given a slight turn, with June now holding honorary rank as May...