Saturday, April 9, 2016

I miss the Five and Dime (6WS)

1. the narrow board squeaky hardwood floors

2. goldfish and turtles at the back of the store beside the potted plants

3. the snack bar with the red vinyl seats and a foot rail to hold your packages

4. the notions aisle

5. the popcorn machine at the entrance

6. the parrot


  1. Yep. Ours, a Kresge's, in Enfield, was downtown (in Thompsonville) at Main & Elm. All those features.

  2. The goldfish. I miss those little plastic, water-filled bags that you carried the goldfish home in!

  3. Ours was a Woolworth's 5&10, right on the corner where the bank is now. It was managed by a tiny man in a very formal suit, grey haired, he looked like he came with the building, and he always managed to appear when the bell over the door jingled. Just so you knew he was available. He was really a floor-walker of sorts, I realize now.

    I also remember sitting on one of those hard vinyl red stools, somewhere in my late teens, and being accosted by a scruffy guy who said, "oh hey, you look just like my ex-wife" and when I looked startled he said, "the bitch" and walked out. =)