Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Small Learning Experience

It once was, that if you hit "next blog" at the top of the page you would be given a random blog to view with pleasure, alarm, horror, or boredom.  There were times when I could be treated to all of the above and a few more emotions, in the space of ten blogs or so.  When I found one that appealed, I'd read into it, maybe bookmark it, maybe start to follow it.  And then on to the next.

Now, it seems, Blogger has decided if you seem even slightly interested (ten seconds seems to be a kind of bench mark, apparently) in a blog on, say, birds,  well, by gosh and by  golly that's what you get.  Hover too long over the marshes of a distant preserve, or read into a gardening blog or two, and suddenly you are seeing marsh birds, endless images of gardens,  and birds in gardens.  Where have the other blogs gone?

This morning I decided, as much as I wanted to read about bushtits and upland lakes,  I was going to try to wrestle my blog hunting away from Blogger.   Fifteen tries later I broke free of the bird lovers and plummeted into the gardening.  Undaunted, I kept moving.  More birds, more gardens. Aha, porn. oh, wait...

Fast forward to economics, a few political blogs, ducking the golden eagle swooping over the marshlands again,  dodging owls in their native habitat, and came up upon an unhappy mother and her unhappy life. One more click and I found myself staring at a Japanese entepreneur making and selling handbags.  I rested there for a bit, let Blogger catch up with me, and maybe tomorrow I can find a wider range.

Once I escape the Luis Vittons and the Coach bags.


  1. I don't often but will now definitely not bring up "next blog" again. Thanks for the warning.

  2. i think it depends on how focused you are on certain categories, and how often you hover over certain ones; I tried it again a short while ago, after whizzing through everything, and it now has apparently reset itself to true random.

    The secret, apparently, is to not hover too long on too many of the same subjects. But yeah, it can be annoying when you just want to cruise what's out there, and find you are in the elbow grip of an elderly uncle who wants to take you to see ALL the birding sights.
    And to be fair, I never would have found your lovely blog if I hadnt been blog hopping, either. So it ain't all bad.

  3. sometimes one really wants to stumble upon something outside the usual comfort zone, but this does not mean you pledge your loyalty to that subject for all eternity.

  4. exactly. nor does one want outside interests (such as Blogger) deciding what you like or don't like, based on what image you're looking at, or for how long.
    Some of the most interesting blogs that I've found are a result of poking about in the brush and brambles of Next Blog...but that's my choice, not Blogger's. =)

  5. Same thing on Facebook. Anything I search starts coming up in ads in the middle of my Facebook news feeds. It feels so exploitative!

  6. When you realize that we are using 'free' services, as exploitative as the ads seem to be, you gotta figger someone has to pay the bills and this is the only way to do it. You can join any group for a fee, usually, but most of us don't want the hassle of paying, or using online cards for it. so this is the price WE pay.
    no i dont like it much either, but without the ads (or the subscriptions) we'd not have FB or any of the other things we use.

    (she said, sententiously). But yeah I dont use FB but if I hit a page in there accidentally I get that same block ad thing and its usually enough to send me scurrying. Some places are a bit more subtle. =)