Thursday, April 7, 2016

13 cool things about bread

1.When it's done baking the smell fills the house
2. Making bread is great exercise
3. Always knead it longer than the recipe tells you to
4. It has to be truly awful to be inedible, sorta like cheesecake
5. Toast
6. More toast
7. If you're the bread baker in the group, people say, ooooo.  you bake BREAD?
8. If you're not, you wish you were
9. Yeast is magic
10. Once you get over the idea that yeast is a living organism...
11.  It rewards all the work when you open the oven and it smiles up at you
12. A sandwich wouldnt be a sandwich without it
13. Oh, have some more toast

Thursday 13


  1. Not to mention bread pudding. ,-) My T13

  2. Baking bread is fine, I guess, but when you're cookies. Bummer.

  3. I have never been able to bake bread well, it falls flat every time. I think my house is too cold. And congratulations on keeping up the blog.

  4. you know i have never had bread pudding? If I ever end up with left over bread I may just try that.

    CountryDew, we have a cold house too, big old farmhouse, so I raise the bread over a pan of very warm water, right on the stove. If I had an electric range I'd put it on a burner set to low. And covered.

    Don't feel bad, it took me forty years of hard practice before I could get it to come out the way I wanted, with any kind of consistency. Lol, Im afraid to stop, now, I might not remember how if I do =)