Sunday, March 6, 2016

Mama ain't happy

Bloglovin'--I can see this is going to be a difficult relationship

The amount of information they bombard you with is incredible:  its like being attacked by curious spiders. So far in two days I have had to unsubcribe twice and close out an entire nest of blogs that they want me to view.
I want what I have, and if I want others, I'll manage it, thank you very much.  Why would I want to read about 20 other food blogs if I like the ONE I read now?  It reminds me of over eager sales girls in a dress shop who suddenly realize that you are looking at grey dresses,  and start  hauling out all the grey clothing they can find.  If you move on to brown or red, they follow you, arms laden with red chiffon and brown leather.

It also appears that if I do NOT join this thing there will be getting NO announcements from anyone about new posts.  ("If you don't eat your cereal, young lady, there will be no saturday cartoons for you...")

It would appear that what Blogger has done is take a stab at becoming a social network, like Facebook.
Circles and Google + and now bloglovin' and most of them, once you belong, are inescapable.  Close out Google+ and your entire blog will disappear, apparently, along with your front porch,  the  mailman, and the family dog.


picks up podium,  exits stage left,  staggering slightly


  1. That's why I never got into g+

    I wonder if this stuff from blovin aka bloviating, is for new members? I don't have so much but I've been using it for years. Hm. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that...

    It's like people who, seeing you have cats, pour cat themed doodads over you at the least excuse. Maybe they went to work for BL.

  2. Oh you could be right. Or someone sees your new pottery rooster in the kitchen (the kind you get as a gift and say, "oh mary, you shouldn't have" and really MEAN you shouldnt have) and suddenly you're getting rooster presents everytime you move.

    It may be that us lucky newcomers, now that they have slammed the door on outsiders, need to be encouraged to circulate. The officious hostess at the party, dragging strangers over to meet you.

    As long as they don't make it mandatory. I did take a look at those offers to visit other blogs. I so do NOT want to read about designer handbags, wedding cakes, or double digging a garden the Midlands...=)

  3. I hate that whole 'new and improved' thing and more is always better ... NOT. I'm with you and just when I find what I like they try to change it. I like classic over fad.

  4. "Oh we knew you'd just LOVE it..." they burble, as they hammer in the last details.

    Google has done this for years, as has Yahoo, both times causing riots in the street and scaring the horses.

    Once a feature has become established is NOT the time to start changing the street signs and redrawing the map...

    I suspect strongly that they may have been losing customers to another blog site, and this is the way to force people to join Google just to participate here. I suspect Ive lost a few (and it's a small enough following as it is) anyway, considering that not everyone wants to join Google just to comment on (or even just read) someone's posts.

  5. Thanks for visiting me today! Yep, I had that moment to 2 years ago, when I decided I didn't like Google+, because it seemed a rat race, and I want to blog, without being tracked for "business" reasons! So it hurt to delete all the pics of my blog here (maybe you know that they don't do that for you!), but went over to Wordpress. Harder to handle, but I love my privacy!

    On another note, please leave me a thumbnail pic for me new meme Seasons before Wed. 7pm, pacific time. Anything during the season goes, so you can post any recent photo, also when you already used it for a post. Hope to see you there!

    Hope you find a solution for the above conundrums you can live with!

  6. hi, jeannette; yeah, I know about google+, I got into it accidentally and found that out the hard way when I went to try to get away from it. noooo...

    Oh, I know all too well about the photos. I am addicted to "Next Blog" and I see so many blogs with no new posts in two or three or more years, and they never took the photos down, of all those babies.
    Ye gods.

    Or someone has taken over the site for porn, or ads, or their own junk.

    If I went from here I'd just take this down entirely or make it totally private.

    I'll see what I can do for the Season meme...and thanks

  7. Thank you so much for joining in with Seasons and your beautiful "Almost Spring" thumbnail!
    Also, I remembered that Wordpress has a possibility to "import the posts" of the blog you were coming from. I don't know how to do that, but if you know someone who's young and savvy, I know they would be able to figure it out for you! Again, hope you find a good solution and hope to "see" you soon!

  8. It definitely is getting harder and harder to get only what you want and not what those in charge want to promote. I never joined Google+ and found a way around it. And, I don't have a lot of time for blogging, but I 'follow' for support and read them when I can.
    It's not easy to buck against the system, but sometimes you just have to :)

  9. I only joined Google+ accidentally, by unknowingly clicking on the image of a blog member who also belonged. Once you do that, you're part of the family, and there is no way around it. I just ignore it now, and pretend it doesnt exist.
    I think it's a shabby way to get members, sort of like walking into a store and find you've been enlisted in the army...