Saturday, March 12, 2016

I hit the ground running today (6WS)


  1. Just today (Saturday) I saw one of these little squirrels running up the tree trunk from my living room window! Looking forward to see you back with one of your beautiful images to link up for SEASONS on Monday March 14 - Wed., US Pacific time. Appreciate your being a part!

  2. this part of the country, these are chipmunks, but, yeah, they are also called ground squirrels since they don't live in trees but in holes in the ground.

    I loved the look on this one, he looks ready to take on the whole damn world, cats included. =)

  3. Looks so cute but I hear cute they are not.
    dropping by from 6WS

  4. Well I respect anything with razor sharp teeth, and anything this small is built for survival, so they have those sharp teeth and claws and very very fast little legs.

    I think mice are cute too, but I dont want them exploring my kitchen. =)

    So I guess it's all relative to where they are when you see them. They're a lot cuter outside than in, lol.