Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Addendum and Happy March 1st yay all over

"cemetary" is not a word.  We have Stephen King to thank for  it, and no one seems to realize he was using that spelling deliberately, the way a book entitled "Chimbleys of the City" does not mean that's the way it's spelled,  but rather the way it gets misspelled.

I looked, by the way. It has yet to find its way into the dictionary, but Im sure in a few years...


  1. As in A Girl Like I!! Joke taken to be correct. Poor Lorelei.

  2. yep, once it's in print it's legal to use, apparently.

    "Winston tastes good"
    "It eats like a meal"
    And Dunkin Donuts has single handedly changed the way we spell doughnuts.

    (turns back to the darkened corner. Pulls the blanket over her head. whimpers)

  3. Three attempts to send you the latest art the beautiful blog post have bounced. One had only a link, no listing, still didn't get through

  4. well, ill trot over by bicycle then, and take a look. I was having trouble yesterday with my email, it kept telling me I had to confirm my password, and that may have messed up my email package for a bit.

    thanks for the heads up...