Sunday, February 14, 2016

In case you were really wondering

It is now 12:45 am, and the temps have just hit -20.  

I just wanted to share that.  =)


  1. Oh my...I don't miss those cold days. Stay warm!!

  2. You know, I have never once said, "gosh, those were great days, when it was -20 for an entire month, let's all go out and have a Frostbite Party, yessir."

    It was -24 at dawn. Predawn, actually. I think thats about as cold as it gets around here. I surely hope so.

  3. When do you sleep? Weather reports at all hours! We went down to zero F, but we're all the way up to 6F now. Balmy!

  4. Nights when it's that cold, I stay up late to fill the stoves (we have three) and get up early to fill 'em again. That's when I noticed how cold it really was.

    Up here we tend to have temps 10 deg. colder than what they're predicting, so I plan for that.

    Yeah, we've warmed all the way up to zero, and tomorrow maybe 30 deg...

    I may have a nap now.

  5. I hope you had some good dreams under the covers!

  6. only of Spring past and Spring to come. And the woodpile that shrinketh not very much at all.


    this is new england, "Yet" is a very important word in any definitive statement about weather, health, or gardens. =)