Monday, February 1, 2016

Follow-up to the Closet Cleaning

One closet done, one half way there, and it has managed to spread itself to the second floor and the kitchen cabinets, spring cleaning frenzy at its finest.  We knew it would.

Took a car full of stuff and I do mean full to the Salvation Army, resisted the temptation to buy the equivalent in Newer Things,  dropped off about 20 lbs of pennies at the bank (do you have any idea how hard it is to walk casually to a bank when you are listing badly to one side...), and bought groceries. Many many groceries.

I did notice a new and fairly interesting way to spell "curtains" in the Salvation Army, combining dyslexia and French, apparently:  "courtians".  This was not a typo. Every courtian in the place had this carefully hand lettered on the individual  tags, giving even the most mundane pair of gingham courtians a  slightly exotic (or is that exotique), racy air...


  1. I've been living this purge day in and day out since Jan. 1. This weekend, I took a bunch of muffin tins to the scrap metal shop in my neighborhood. This is what my life has come to.

  2. In a way it's very satisfying to finally divest myself of stuff I had even forgotten I owned. It's a big house, and we inherited it fully stocked, packed, and moldering.

    I guess you just have to put your head down and dig, and eventually it does get better.

    Muffin tins. Good idea. I have tons of them, only use them about once a year. Lol, thank you. I just mentally started my next box of stuff.

    I envy people who actually have too many empty kitchen drawers, or one with just a single egg beater in it. There's a simplicity about that kind of mind set that intrigues me. Im not sure I'd WANT that kind of mind, but I can admire it.

    All this started because I wanted to make curtains for the dining room windows, and in order to do that I had to clear the table, and there was no place to put the junk that was on the table.

    Since then its just been a blur. =)

  3. Once you start emptying closets and the contents expand and spread all over the neighborhood, you remember why you shoved that stuff in there in the first place..

  4. Oh, yes. and beyond that, because there was no room in any of the other closets. any more.

  5. you are inspiring me to do the same cleaning out! Cheers!

  6. good for both of us. I figger spring cleaning should happen BEFORE spring, because once that happens I won't have time to clean out anything but gardens.

    Cheers, indeed.