Thursday, February 11, 2016

closets (Thursday 13)

1. Now I can open the closet door and see what's actually there without fearing for my life
2. All the relevant stuff is finally together
3. Oh, the thrill of finding the cover that matches the jar, or the bowl I thought was gone forever
4. Oh, the thrill of dumping, with a clear conscience, stuff I haven't used yet and probably never will
5. All the shelves are scrubbed, de-moused, and the old wall paper used as shelf paper
6. Labels. Need. more. labels.
7. Now I can close the door all the way
8. The walk in closet now is a walk in closet, rather than a reach in with tongs from the doorway closet
9. If it's broken, why am I saving it
10. If I don't know what it is by now, I never will
11. Wedding presents I didn't like 48 years ago have not improved with age. Unlike us.
12. I had no idea I had acquired so many single rolls of wallpaper
13. The orange conversation piece really has to go. End of discussion

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Nice work, JT. I should be so ambitious.

  2. Ah, the new year - time to declutter and reorganize. I love your piece; it is the poetry of organization.

  3. A fun list that makes me smile but puts me to shame, especially when I think of my walk in pantry. But I was thinking maybe I got a "get of jail" free card. I'm referring to #7 on my list today.

  4. I guess it was necessity, and terror. I realized that not only could I not find anything I couldnt even get in to hunt. when I got everything out so that I could start from zero, I could barely get into the dining room itself.

    yes I took a picture. No Im not posting it.

    I do worry about why it smells funny in there, but I put it down to "closet smell" and work with that. As long as it doesn't become "closet sounds"...

    Colleen, slap a coat of paint on the stuff, drape a few shawls artfully here and there, and call it art. these days no one will know the difference. =)

  5. That was quite the project. I don't have much in the way of closets or I'd have to do the same.

    My post is thirteen pictures:

  6. De-cluttering is a GOOD thing. Well done, you! My T13

  7. that's the problem here, Alice, its an old house and there are only three real closets in the whole place, so everything gets thrown in them. This was built in the days before people had 'stuff" to store.

  8. 48 years of marriage? wow...I hope I can follow your step

  9. Novroz, sometimes I think it's just sheer luck, when you marry. there is truly no way to know what will happen a week ahead (barring doctor's appointments), or a year ahead.
    and when you look back, you think, wow, it went by so fast. and it did.

    Now it all goes even faster, and I wish I could slow things down a bit.