Sunday, February 28, 2016

Charlie and his new 5 minute friend

 At the moment he is recovering from Playtime with Charlie.  I put him out in the leaves but he seems unwilling (or perhaps unable) to scurry away.  Afraid that he might just be in shock, I brought out a temporary shelter for him.  He went in and then came back out.

He is moving around a bit.  This is the sort of critter you want to adopt;  he truly looks like some cat toys I've seen.  Charlie is firmly in the house, still hunting for his new friend, and his attitude reminds me of when I can't find something.  'I know I left it here...somewhere..."

meadow vole

didnt make it. We found him part way across the lawn,  beside the tractor, all curled up on his side.  At least he wasn't pummeled to death by a playful cat...

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