Monday, February 8, 2016

Bread Day

Cold,  snowy and a stiff north wind. Good day to make bread.
These are smaller loaves, suitable for sandwiches or toast, Oatmeal
this time.  The smell is amazing. I've even converted my husband
to the stuff.  


  1. That looks great! Lovely brown crust.

  2. Frankly I never know what the insides will look like--the truly hard part is Waiting For It To Cool so I can find out.
    My husband has gotten entirely too involved in all of this, and in trying to explain the mysteries (and vagaries) of reading the thermostat on a wood stove oven, I finally gave up and said, it's like you dealing with a carburetor. You know it works, and how to make it work, but aren't quite sure why banging it with the end of a screwdriver MAKES it work, but it does. =)

  3. It was dangerous when I made bread. So good and easy to stuff myself with!

  4. dangerous isnt even close. Ive been doing this for decades, and I still have to resist the temptation to hack that first loaf in two and pour butter over it and just oink my way through the whole loaf.

    The difference between Cake Temptation and Bread Temptation, I finally understand; I can tell myself that cake is fattening and Bad For Me, but with bread, heck, you got oats, you got maple syrup, milk, all the things you might have for breakfast and they're considered good for you. Makes it almost manadatory...