Sunday, January 17, 2016

Im still here, still breathing softly

we had some snow,  it's been cold, and then not so cold.

been making bread nearly every day,  trying to get it 'right'.  I figger if I can get sixty loaves ahead by summer we'll have enough to get us through the hot weather because there is no way in hell I am going to fire up a woodstove in July to bake bread.  Im just curious to see if I can get that far ahead.  

Charlie has been perfecting his U-turn,  got it down pretty smooth, now. I open the door in the morning that he insists he HAS to use, marches across the porch, hits the snow, and without pausing U-turns and strides right back in, little mouth working indignantly, ears flat.  My fault, yep.

About the only thing in the news worth writing about is politics, and considering the choices, Id say there's not much worth writing about...

I'm around, in my winter semi-fetal position,  waiting for spring.  Feel free to drop in, don't be strangers.  There's always  coffee and cookies. 


  1. Wicked snow today, coming down sideways. We're buying bread, but My Beloved Sandra's making chili and stew that'll get us well into the re-greened grass.

  2. Horizontal snow, nothing quite like it, nossah.
    Ours was vertical, and it seems to have stopped. sort of. for now.

    My husband was fussing not long ago about how he'd rather see snow this time of year than rain...and now he's fussing because we don't have enough snow to plow decently.
    I think we know where this kind of petitioning is going to go, as soon as the weather elves get wind of it--

  3. So now we'll know who to blame in a couple of weeks. Or earlier, since we have a blizzard in the forecast for this weekend.