Saturday, January 30, 2016

Finally cleaning out the old closets (6WS)

As I age, and the further shore creeps nearer, year by year I've begun revising some deeply held theories ..."That May Come in Handy  Someday"  has turned into,  "If I Haven't Used It By Now...".   "Oh What a Perfect Storage Container" has become  "How Many of These Things Do I Really Need".

 I am also protected by the unwritten law that says, anything to do with the kitchen that does not involve plumbing or wiring is mine to do with as I choose.

I am ruthless.  I am determined. I have a woodstove,  our landfill recycles, and I have many, many cartons marked Salvation Army.


  1. And then there's examining items and "What was I Thinking" comes into play..

  2. Oh, heavens yes. And all those bits that people give you and you simply have no idea what to do with it--like the chopper that dices things into perfect cubes, but you need the strength of a sumo wrestler to use it, and an hour with a tooth pick and teeny brush to clean out the viciously sharp chopper half.

    Good point. I may put that in the mix, too.

    That goes under the category of "oh thank you it's just what I needed...not..."

  3. Good job! I start doing this with the best of intentions and then the intentions take a nap and I end up with a mess. My mess is now in three different rooms...

  4. oh tell me about the sleepy intentions, lol.

    this started because I could no longer literally see the floor of the dining room closet, which is 8 feet long and six feet wide, and festooned with old narrow shelves. The only thing I could do was remove everything from the shelves, scrub them down, wash all the dishes, and sort out what to keep and what to discard. Took three weeks.

    As a natural progression, I sort of drifted into the kitchen and started hoeing out the huge pantry cupboard there. When Im done Im in hopes of being able to find the right pan for the right job without stravaging all over the house looking for it.
    Aha, she says, here's the bottom half of the foodmill, now I only need to find the top...=)

    Its a kind of progressive disease, isnt it. You pull one thread and the entire structure trembles, and before you know it all the bureau drawers are open and spread all over the floor. Been there, (oh, wait. I AM there)...will probably be there again.

  5. I can relate perfectly. About time I did the same. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Most welcome. Suzy. I just hope I haven't started an avalanche of Guilt Cleaning...

    I did learn one thing this time around, rather than just putting everything into nicely organized boxes or tins, I have begun putting everything into nicely LABELED boxes or tins. Just the act of writing helps me remember. Reading the label helps further.
    (wicked grin)

  7. Guilt Cleaning? I only have what I absolutely still need. Of course, My Beloved Sandra sees it differently, but that's why I keep her.

  8. Nice perspective there, Mr. L.

  9. Yes, purging is an age thing I think. I'm right there with you! Less stuff to dust more time with friends and family!

  10. lol ive been at this for over a month, not much time for more time with anyone. The joy at this point is finding the cover that matches the container in the Other Closet. Sorta like Old Maids with kitchenware.

    The last time I went through this I ended up with ManTools and Lumber and wallboard.

    My husband just glides through and says, 'don't throw out anything good" which translates to, "don't throw out anything I might want to keep" and that means if I toss stuff, I wait until he's not looking. He keeps everything.

  11. Addendum: it has become ManTools with Lumber and Wallboard, only he is using the ManTools and I am using the paint brush and rollers. Whatever works, eh.