Thursday, December 3, 2015

Good Night, Irene! (have you no sense of dignity)

1. Starry Starry Night
2. In The Still of the Night
3. Goodnight Irene
4. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
5. Twilight Time
6. One Night With You
7. Hard Day's Night
8. Nighttime is the Right Time
9. O Holy Night
10. Night of the Iguana
11. Strangers in The Night
12. Tender is the Night
13. Night and Day

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Lots of darkness in there. That first song (by Don McLean) always makes me cry.

  2. Nice list. I think you got them all.

  3. well, night is err, sorta dark...=)
    always liked Don McLean too. Just checked, wow, that was 40+ years ago.

    For some reason I keep hearing it now as a Simon and Garfunkel song. No idea why.