Saturday, November 21, 2015

to everything that moves or breathes (6WS)

it becomes a meditation
that thrum you feel
when you live
where high water flows

meditation of earth
the gifts we take
the gifts we give back
what we keep for ourselves
it's all good

every point on the compass
connected, mind and fiber,
to everything that moves or breathes
salt from the sea
spit from the rain
part of the monkey the whale
the now and the lost
what touches us once touches us forever

to lie on this hill
look up at the stars
feel the earth move
not under us but with us
like riding a turtle
into the darkness
when we die we go back
to ground
return as rain, as snow,
as part of a wind
bending wheat in a Russian field
stylized trees in a Chinese landscape
or sunflowers in the rain


  1. Oh Em Gee, JT. Mindblow.

  2. thank you both. =)

    Sorry about the text size on the last line, it just won't shrink, for some reason...