Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ten + Three (Thursday 13)

1. The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessner

2. David Gray ("Snow in Vegas")

3.The Decembrists ("Carolina Low")

4. Pearl Jam "Better Man"

5, Mark Knopfler/Emmy Lou Harris

6. Ray Lamontagne

7. Tracy Chapman ("Baby Can I Hold You")

8. Waylon Jennings/Jessie Colter ("Storms Never Last")

9. Animator vs. Animation

10. "Baby It's Cold Outside"

11. Van Morrison ("Shenandoah")

12. David Gray ("This Year's Love")

13. Simon and Garfunkel ("El Condor Pasa")

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Sorry, dense this am. Can't follow the logic. Put it down to generation gap. Well, about a decade anyway!

  2. It;'s one of those list things like, "ten of your favorite foods" or "ten of your favorite songs" and these are 10 links (gosh I hope they work for someone else too) to You Tube videos I like. Was that the problem or am I missing something?

    The logic is, I like ;em and wanted to share, thats all.

  3. Ah, had I realized they were all links, I'd have been less dense about it! sorry. When I first looked, none of them came up as hot, hence the confusion. 9 for instance didn't mean anything until it became a link. Ooookay, all better now. Off to play with the links.

    1. I even made my husband actually LOOK at the thing to be sure it worked for him, I don't entirely trust blogs to do what they say they will, anyway.

      Enjoy, Liz. #9 is part of a series of four or five, but I think this one is the funniest. The body language is spot on.

  4. Good to hear Mark K's guitar and David Grey's voice. Love that Van sings about Shenandoah. They say the Appalachian mountains and the mountains in Ireland and Scotland were part of the same range in prehistoric time.

    1. I just found Mark about a year ago, and it blew me away. Missed him in mah youth, but from what I can see he's the same as he was, very self-effacing and easy in himself.

      I really don't like Van Morrison, most of what he sings is utterly unintelligible, but this one, well, it blows me away every time.

      I did not know that about the mountains, isnt that cool, though, and yes I can see how it could be, too. Trying to imagine what it must have been like as the two continents sailed away from each other, an inch at a time...

  5. Yep, they're all good. Thanks.

  6. No idea Van Morrison did Shenandoah. I have always loved that song. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I dont think there's a bad version, anywhere, but he just soars with this one. Most of what he does is some kind of scatsinging, a bit jivey, most of it chewed well.
    Seems to me years ago I read that this was the opening/definitive song for a particular movie, no idea what.

  8. An eclectic mix of music. *grin* My T13

    1. It's kind of a wide range, =)
      everytime I try to reduce it, I add two or three more. At the rate Im going my Best of 10 will be up over 100 soon.

  9. All good, JT, but #9...wowza!