Sunday, November 15, 2015

ohhhh around and around and around...

gosh this is fun,  got the yahoo problem back, and finally removed, now I have to remove the pushy chrome download that wants me to get Chrome for all my other apps.  ::sob:: I dont HAVE other apps.


  1. When you get tired of this game, trying returning two items to Amazon, identical, in original packaging and see how many black holes they will open up for you, from charging for shipping then correcting it, four times, to demanding payment for one piece which they already acknowledged receiving, another four sets of makes Yahoo look positively elegant.

  2. Makes the blood pressure just soar, don't it.

    Black holes. I must remember that. The best part is now that I am temporarily rid of the yahoo stuff I finally found the Chrome help site where hundreds and hundreds of citizens are gathered, waving torches and demanding that the CEO be dethroned.
    The rules over there are clear. if you have a problem, tell us what it is, what OS you're running, all the standard stuff. most people havent a clue and give the kind of details that make you weep. "I have a problem. Can you fix it?" "Yahoo has redirected my stuff. Help!"

    Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. Like being forced to drink turpentine to get rid of worms...

  3. My son has just started a small enterprise of helping helpless people with their computer woes -- and teaching them the steps to take if it happens again, etc. His clients swear by him! patient, fast, knowledgeable, and speaks English, not Tech to clients. Not always available for his Mom, though, I notice...

  4. You are a force unto yourself, Liz. You know that. It also says a lot about his confidence level with you as a computer user. =)