Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Tale of Two Browsers

Last night I opened up the computer and found Yahoo search staring at me, instead of my regular Google Chrome.  yikes.  It wouldnt go away.  It ate Chrome, it ate I.E.   we did everything, and it kept coming back like a lost puppy.

Late last night I thought I had it fixed, I ran virus checks and scans and Spybot, and all seemed well.  right.

Aside from the fact that I had munged my Chrome (and by default Blogger) password,  and had to start over with a new one, it looked okay.  By 2 AM I was sure.

This morning I opened Blogger, and while I could write posts I couldn't post them. "loading...." it said. "loading..."   sobbing...Then Yahoo appeared again, and ate IE, took it right off the computer.

Ran virus checks again, nothing.  In the back of my mind I kept thinking, didn't I just download Java  and isn't that the one that really really wants you to make Yahoo your browser page...and I was out of the room during the download.  oh dear.  

So we decided that nice new (well sort of) backup from a month ago might be just the thing to use. Wheels whirred,  buttons were pushed,  I paced,  the mister did the button pushing.  He let me turn it on when it was done, and yay me it was back; a bit more October than I needed, and some things had to be updated including, Java.  This time I sat through the process and watched and sure enough there was the already checked off yahoo home page offer.  Not in this life or the next.

I'm older now, by about ten years, lol.  It does seem that the anxiety level this sort of thing engenders is way out of proportion to what's actually there.  We've become so attached to this medium of computers and phones and passwords that if one of them goes all funny, so do we.   All better now, until the next earth shaking crisis.

I guess the bottom line is, always hang around when you're downloading a program, and read those checkboxes, to see what you're REALLY getting.


  1. Kindle is working again after a night on the charger, her version of the tiles, and numerous long push hard starts, and the prob seems to be a clever new idea of forcibly feeding an extract from their store past which you could not get. I read or skimmed a few pages, finally got a choice screen and checked a snarling NO and now I can navigate.

    I do wonder what mentality imagines that you can be annoyed into buying though. Or that when you find the deception you won't hold it against them forever.

  2. sometimes polite has to be overridden by pure venom. Good for you. And congratulations.
    It does seem to have been a very strange 48 hours, computer wise...

    I came very close to ripping Yahoo off my machine, I had it by the throat, and I may yet, but at least I've learned to read ALL the words. Again.
    and there are people who actually do use Yahoo (at their peril) for mail, for business, for all sorts of strange things. It does seem, though, that if I were in business I'd want a more stable environment than an email package that uses us as guinea pigs for their beta tests...