Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Well it has been awhile

It's been maybe 30 years since I baked a pie, partly because if I make pie, I eat pie.  And I eat it steadily until it's gone.

This year we had an incredible number of apples, all of them perfect or close to it,  and now that the season is nearly over and the deer/turkeys/everyone else has had their turn at it,  I realized,  if I don't do this now, I may not be around for the next Final Gift.  Last one was beyond memory.

Yes, the crust is lumpy (but good), the apples inside are small yellow ones (unnamed, I have NO idea what they might have been originally) about the size of swollen golf balls, and like a less tart MacIntosh.

Yes, yes, I know it looks like shepherd's pie, but that really is a crust and it really is good...

I'll get over this, eventually.   =)


  1. It looks rustic, and scrumptious!

  2. What a lovely way to put it, Mlissabeth.

    Rustic indeed. It's probably been twenty five years since I did anything thing piecrust like, so this was almost as awful-looking as the first one, mmpf years ago. But it was flaky, and my husband, who generally avoids sweets, helped me finish it off (without prompting) in two days.

    One good thing about a lumpy piecrust top, slicing is not the word, but carving is. =)

  3. Exactly me! Made it, got to eat it :) And it looks good (bet it's long gone :) )

  4. oh yeah, that was gone the next day. It's not a big pie plate but it's a deep one. We managed.