Tuesday, October 20, 2015

oh happy happy hallowe'en, joy joy

There is an ad that just sprang up on the radio station I listen to while Im in the kitchen,  and this particular ad is geared toward Hallowe'en.   It's from a place that grows raw vegetables and then freezes and markets them that way as healthy snacks.

Their ad suggested that instead of giving out harmful candy and stuff this Hallowe'en we should all pass out little packets of fresh frozen raw vegetables to the kiddies,  carrots, celery,  parsnips,  beets...


  1. Well, that'll keep you from being overwhelmed with trick or treaters.

  2. lol if I ever got a trick or treater, i'd fear for my life the minute those frozen parsnips left my hands...

    always thought this place would make an ideal spot to set up a kind of whoo-hoo site, a walk up the driveway with motion activated ghost like apparitions and spooky noises in the woods. Oh, what fun.