Thursday, October 29, 2015

I stole this from Ron (the idea not the list)

1.  Don't give me that look
2. Tell me another,  this one's got bells on
3. Don't play with your food
4. Make me an offer
5. Tell me a story
6. Call me later
7. No, you can't use that
8. I can't hear you
9. Hurry, we'll be late
10. Let me see what you've written
11. You don't have to shout
12. A fine mess you've gotten us into
13. It's for  you

Thursday Thirteen


  1. I felt like his spoke to writers with writer's block and this one makes me think of mother's trying to get the kids out of the house so she can go to work ... writing! Either that or some long valentine heart sayings.

  2. cute. I love the sushi pets, btw. Perhaps more as designs than as food, but hey, you take what you get, eh.

    and I LOVE that mixed family cartoon, made me laugh out loud

  3. I wish someone would make me an offer to tell them a story . . .

  4. Between you and me, I guess we got it covered, eh?

  5. yessah, there's not much left.