Sunday, October 25, 2015

Follow-up to the Mouse Drama

Talked to a very nice saleman at Tractor Supply today, about havaheart traps for really small critters.  (this is, by the way, not the season to visit this store  if you have a low tolerance for poison baits, traps, hunting gear and deer bait stations) and we discussed various methods of mouse removal. He's a fan of electric shock.  I'm a big fan of catch and release, let them work their own way home.

He suggested  a tall pail with a bait lure and a little walkway to get them up and over the top. As he said, they can't leap high enough to get back out.  In thinking it over, I realized that they can't, but my cat can.  Good idea, poor ending. However-- I have a faux composition garden pot that is big enough and tall enough to trap a mouse or two,  and if the top were closed off, and upended, there is a drain hole in the bottom they could enter, and be trapped that way.    Paws could enter, but not entire cats.

Stay tuned.  It might just work.


  1. I had a "havaheart" mouse trap once but the mouse it caught seemed to have a heart attack before I could release it!

  2. oh, colleen, how sad. Maybe he thought you were about to have him for snacks, and it was just too much to deal with...
    I notice that any time I rescue a critter from my cat it gets really really quiet, and I can only imagine it thinking, "oh my god it's the Big One, it's going to eat me, I just know it..."

  3. Doubtful about mice not climbing. We had them climb slippery dining table legs to eat the fruit in the bowl and leave evidence. Of course these were NJ mice -- you lookin at ME???

  4. well after all, NJ mice are tough little critters, and go where they have to go. Literally. yuew.
    But I suspect they could shinny up the varnish by digging into it, or the wood, with those needle like claws, and moving very fast. Hard to get a hold on aluminum pail, though.

    Why I think it might work, it's got a rough outside that they could easily scale--but since the shape is pretty much like a huge basketball, the inside is one big round hollow. unless they have suction cups on their feet...

    Just spent the entire morning (four hours, ye gods) cleaning and scouring and rearranging the kitchen drawers on the OTHER side of the room, and sealing off the backs with cardboard pieces that lie snug against the opening there. Two drawers done, one to go.

    my husband said, what if they decide to use that nice big garden pot for a storage bin? "oh, what a nice big place to store stuff" as they shinny up the side, drop a cat food bit in the hole, and then another...and another...

  5. That time of year, I guess. I'm thinking of the Stones lyric: "If I don't get some shelter, Ooooh I'm gonna fade away..."