Saturday, October 24, 2015

Angry Mice

I had noticed that Charlie's food dish was being emptied a lot faster lately,  and idly considered the idea of mice... then three or four days ago I happened to open a kitchen drawer and found it filled with cat food kibble.

I mean stuffed.

Sooooo I cleaned out the drawer and put most of the kibble back in the cat's dish,  dumped the rest.  scoured the drawer.  plugged up  the space at the back where I suspected they were getting in.  Next day I opened another drawer and found that they had been busy.  Mouse droppings everywhere,  no food, just vandalism.  Every drawer in the kitchen, even places they had never been, had been visited. 
Angry mice, yep.  Mess with our food supply, lady, and you're in Trouble.
Sigh.  I sent my husband to the store for good old reliable DCon, and he came home with something in green gel cubes that was so toxic you were told to wear gloves, keep kids, pets, and hands away from the causes internal bleeding in mice (which seems a particularly vicious way to die) and also in humans and pets if you get it in your system.  Someone told me it was the equivalent of Warfarin.   If I put this stuff down,  the mouse gets some, one of the cats kills the mouse and eats some or all of it, and then dies too.  Really really nice.

I started thinking about food chains here.  If the mouse eats the poison,  and goes outside, whats to stop a snake or owl from grabbing him as live prey?  The snake dies, or the owl dies, and whatever finishes off the  owl or snake passes along the poison in their system too.

He took the DCon back.  Havaheart traps are kinder and definitely safer.  I'm all for catch and release, yeah, its a bit more work for me, (and for the mouse),  but if i can rescue snakes, birds, hornets, spiders and whatever else blunders in,  surely I can do the same for a mouse. 


  1. This is a good attitude! I used to get a couple of mice moving in on the first cold night, and one liked to sit on the bookcase. We got quite friendly as I captured him in a handkerchief and carried him far from the house to put him in a little wood. By the time I trudged home he would be back ahead of me on the bookcase!

  2. I can just see that mouse, high tailing it back home to his favorite spot on the bookshelf, filled with gratitude for the walks you took him on...

    We had a local lady who used to transport a squirrel daily from her house to town, two miles away, in a havahart trap. No one had the heart to tell her it was probably the same well-traveled squirrel, enjoying his morning trip to town...