Friday, September 11, 2015

Thinking Out Loud (1)

Gave in about two weeks ago and bought one of those pill reminder trays with the day of the week on each one.  Hate to admit it, but it works, in two ways.  I always know what day it is,  and always know if Ive taken my pills.  
None of them are life and death meds, but life is a bit easier with them than without.

Had to have new tires on the car,  all the rubber between the treads was cracked.  The garage guy said tires now are so full of recycled materials its a wonder they last as long as they do.  Six years is about average.  So recycling things into other things is noble, and I do it automatically, but when you  reuse stuff you are also factoring in impurities that shorten the life of the new product.  It's a trade, I guess.


  1. Those pill arrangements. This assumes you won't forget the pill one day, come to it the next and now think that yesterday is today. Ask me how I know this..

  2. lol. I get that, totally. But having something marked Monday Tuesday Wednesday etc. quite firmly on the little boxes at least gives me a leg up on the whole process. And it there is any doubt, Mr. Calendar on Mr. Computer usually gets it right.

    It does remind me of those dreadful underpants little girls always got from Auntie that had the days of the week on them, one color/name for each. Small wonder Ive always hated Names on Clothes ever since