Thursday, September 3, 2015

september (Thursday 13)

13 things about September which may or may not fascinate you

1. my birthday month

2. its another of those indeterminate months--like May--that can't make up its mind

3. September begins on the same day of the week as December every year, because there are 91 days separating September and December, which is a multiple of seven (the number of days in the week).

4.No other month ends on the same day of the week as September in any year.

5.Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day
followed closely by :

6.National Chicken Month
7. National Rice Month
8. National Wild Rice Month 
9,National Potato Month

(which solves the problem of what to have for supper, eh)

10.  it's one of our busier months (not counting all the others): chimneys need cleaning, I'm stacking wood on two sides of the house short wood here on the porch-- longer wood there in the shed -- the grass will be getting its final haircut of the summer soon

11. potatoes need digging and my pitiful onions are more like fetal onions than I really had planned on. Note to self:  maybe lime, next year.

12.  time to deconstruct the garden before it gets too cold to do it. can I send anyone some lovely jonquil bulbs?

13. O joy, the tourists have gone.  At least until the leaves change color.  The beaches are now ours again, and the hiking trails.

Thursday Thirteen


  1. It's little bit of summer and a little bit of fall. The tourists come to my neighborhood in the fall to see the foliage on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

  2. Our tourists shoot right past the back roads on the way to the white mountains. We stay home and admire our own foliage. No one, frankly, can understand why we don't need to see someone else's trees. =)

    Must be pretty there, though...

  3. The out of state number plates vanish from roads, leaving them to people who understand circles and jughandles and roads that are marked both north and south at once..

  4. Annnd the beaches return to normal after the terribly bronzed barely covered thong wearers go Home...

    What I do enjoy are the outrageous and sometimes scary outfits folks on vacation wear.

  5. Interesting September facts. Chicken and potatoes, along with fresh-picked corn on the cob, is exactly what I had for dinner this week. September has started out on the oppressive side here, with temps around 90F -- after autumnal temps LAST week. My T13

  6. ha so did we, chicken and potatoes.
    it seems as if the seasons (at least this year) have shifted a notch. June was one of the chilliest on record here, I had fires going every morning. July wasnt much warmer, and now we have what feels like full blown July.
    And yet I remember as a kid being sent off to school in weather much like this in my new plaid pleated wool (that's WOOL mind you) skirt, knee socks, and a sweater in case it got chilly. And it was 90. (mother never looked at the thermometer, I realized, she looked at the month.

    We're fully prepared for a repeat of last winter's excesses, so I take this as a bonus,hot or otherwise...

  7. I like September. It cools off and I always loved school so it reminds me of going back to learn something.

  8. Ohhh and I just got a flashback of that new clothes smell, coupled with the new book smell...aphrodisiac to a 9 year old