Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bottoms Up (Thursday 13)

1 Beer for My Horses

2 Whiskey and Wimmin

3 One More for the Road

4 Days of Wine andRoses

5 Whiskey Rye Whiskey

6 Bottle of Wine

7 Little Brown Jug

8 The Parting Glass

9 Whiskey in the Jar

10 There is a Tavern in the Town

11 Drunken Sailor

12 Elderberry Wine

13 Scotch and Soda

Thursday Thirteen


  1. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum -- someone seem's a wee bit thirsty! ;-D MY T13

  2. I don't drink much, but I love so many of these songs! What cheer-ful list

  3. I like blackberry wine. Countrydew

  4. surprisingly "Drunken Sailor" which I recognize from celtic flute music, is also something that used to appear on children's records when such a thing existed. You might get a dozen badly sung (in terribly cheery voices) 'ditties' and one of these was "What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor" , which I loved. At the top of my lungs.
    There was another, "Ive been to London I've Been to France" which began and continued endlessly,
    "I've been to London I've been to France
    I've been a traveler all the world over
    Sailing east sailing west sailing over the ocean..." =)

    I'm sorry I did that. It's now my earworm for the day. Sigh.