Saturday, September 26, 2015

Across the lake, the loon calls (6WS)


1. across the lake, the loon calls
2. leaves rustle with a papery sound
3. morning fires are becoming evening fires
4. an extra blanket for the bed
5. warm in the sun, cool in the shade
6. look up,  the geese are leaving


  1. Much truth can be said in 6 words

  2. Nice! As to #6 I can only say I wish. Our thousands of them like it fine here year round.

  3. we have two kinds; the kind that whiz by overhead and the kind that I think of as freeloaders. They spend their days keeping the horses company at the next farm, and now and then you hear them honking their way east as they all head out to visit their cousins who live further down the road. The annual east/west migratory route of home bound geese, yep.
    If these winters get any fiercer, though, they may start heading south again, just as a survival mechanisn.

  4. I'm feeling it alright.

  5. Take away the numbers and you wrote a poem!

  6. damn, Tilly, if you're not right.
    Thank you for seeing that, I missed it totally. (blushes in chagrinned embarrassment)